Small evolutions in blackmail email

Blackmail emails are storming internet users since last october, when the phenomenon started and acquired space in all information media.

The biggest power of this kind of attack is to fool the receiver leading him to believe that the message came from it’s own email box, that it’s been compromised.

In the first time emails body was composed in simple text.

After a while, in february, we started receiving the same kind of email, but with body part encoded in base64.

However emails with simple text kept arriving, yet.

On March the 13th, we received first emails without text, or better with text written in a single image, a good trick to avoid anti-spam filters.

Yesterday evening and today we received a new kind of blackmail email: this time cyber criminals used 3 different images.

Although on pc desktop clients fraud email shows a bad featurs,

on mobile device it’s showed fine

Only the bitcoin address’s written in simple text and may be this allow to make an anti-spam rule on it’s structure to block this kind of mails.

Qrcode gives correct bitcoin address and right blackmail amount… a great help by the criminals to avoid give money to the wrong bitcoin address…

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